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AT – Hood Hop

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Here is th From Here On Out Mixtape promo. 




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So I’m back in my city! Abj what’s rili good? 

I’m sure by now u all know how much I enjoy music but what u didn’t know is that I not only enjoy listening to it, I also enjoy making it! Do I sing? No/I wish. Produce? Sort of. Rap? I try 🙂

Having said that, have u heard of DJ Babus? No? What?! You need 2 get familiar. DJ Babus + AT = The Internationals. We are a beat-making duo & are dropping a mixtape specifically for our Naija people. Of course others can/will listen to it but it is geared towards Nigerians. In all honesty, we just started making beats but that doesn’t have to mean too much.

The mixtape is called From Here On Out & while I’m not sure of the exact release date, I can tell u this much. It’s coming soon :). I’m goin to post a promo for th mixtape next. It’s a verse I wrote to J-Kwon’s “Hood Hop”.

Will appreciate ur honest feedback… 🙂


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Would have made this longer but I’m already running late. I’m off to naij tonight!!! Pls pray for me. I’ll b in the clouds. 🙂

Flex Friday

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Send in your dopest or one of your dopest articles of clothing to It could be a pair of sneakers, a hat, top, dress, jacket, sunglasses, watch, or any other accessory. 

It’s only fair that I kick things off. No? Ok then… 🙂




My very own Tokyoflash Infection watch. 🙂

Flex Friday has officially begun!

Tokyoflash Infection Watch

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I just had to get this I’m still getting by now I’m dead broke.

What Do I Do With My PSP-2000?

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The net has been flooded with rumors about the new PSP. Several images claiming to be the new portable system have also surfaced. These are some of them:

Speculation 1

Rumor 1

Rumor 2

Rumor 2

Rumor 3

Rumor 3

Rumor 4

Rumor 4

For those who haven’t seen the real one, here it is: *drum roll* 


Real deal!

Real deal!

It will be available Fall ’09.


Now if only I could figure out what to do with this Slim & Lite…

Gracioso 2.0 Speakers

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Gracioso 2.0 speakers

Gracioso 2.0 speakers

These make me want to hide mine in shame. 😦