Side Eye

Cover art for Tony Yayo’s single, “Let’s Ride Nigga” . Doubt it will be the official one if the single is released on iTunes or wherever though. Either way…

side eye

Tony Yayo

Tony Yayo

If they absolutely had to use this (Public Enemies movie [July 1, 2009] starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Marion Cotillard & more), I’m sure they could have done a better photoshop job. Or maybe it’s just me…


3 Responses to “Side Eye”

  1. onthephone4 Says:

    your side eye picture kills me!! lmao

  2. LOL! I agree! I can photoshop much better than that! Anyway, I’ve just created a post on my blog regarding which Johnny Depp movie’s are people’s favorite’s. I loved “Public Enemies”, but it was hardly his best movie…actually, I tend to think that some of the least seen movie’s he’s made are perhap’s some of his best…”The Libertine” come’s to mind. In any case, let me know what you think and if at all possible, post some link’s on my blog to some interesting Johnny Depp info…alway’s a fan of JD! Thank’s! 🙂

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