This Was My Joint!!!


TLC Fanmail (Feb. 23, 1999)
TLC Fanmail (Feb. 23, 1999) 


This was the first CD I ever owned!! I used to jam it all day everyday. I knew every single thing on there. All the songs, all the interludes. I remember I used to recite the “Communicate” interlude a lot in JS1. For some reason, my friends were fascinated by it… I won’t even front tho, it still is my joint!

3 Responses to “This Was My Joint!!!”

  1. KeiiArz Says:

    “Aim d onli won dat laiks TLC. Nowon kan eva b az loyal az mi” Ring a bel???

  2. atsworld Says:

    haha sucker!

  3. onthephone4 Says:

    tlc is the best!

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