Side Eye

I just remembered this video I saw a long time ago. It’s a video of one of Juanita Bynum’s “sermons”. Not sure when exactly it happened though but either way…

side eye



“…I want you to get some kind of name brand ink pen other than Bic… If you’re writing with a Bic today, you’re in a low grade. The reason why I say that is that Bic is for the common person, everybody has it”.

“And the first association that I want you to have with this class is there’s something special about me… You gotta upgrade your signature ’cause your name means more than that”.

“Your writing instrument determines where you’re headed… That’s a serious thing right there. I’ve paid up to like $5000 for an ink pen & I only use it for certain things.  It’s like okay when I’m signing my multi-million dollar deals I’ll write with this pen right here”.

Nd *side eye* to th congregation for acting like she was really preaching something.


3 Responses to “Side Eye”

  1. craziness5 Says:


  2. itsmytime4 Says:

    so how am i supposed to feel with my bag full of bics? hiiiissssss

  3. KeiiArz Says:

    Dis wuman na riiiiil Jeziibel!

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