Side Eye

side eye


Big Mama Capretta/Father Anthony

Big Mama Capretta/Father Anthony


Father Anthony by day, Big Mama Capretta by night has/had a No. 25 single on the Billboard Club Play dance chart. According to a statement he released:

“It’s Big Mama y’all! And, I am no longer afraid to come out of the closet as a gay Catholic Priest… I am enjoying my life being who I am and who God intended me to be! Now let’s dance y’all!”


4 Responses to “Side Eye”

  1. craziness5 Says:

    this one has passed side eye oh! this is some real sick ish! *side eye* lol

  2. itsmytime4 Says:

    as in this guy… in fact no comment

  3. KeiiArz Says:


  4. KeiiArz Says:

    God kian bii mokt. Hii onli fuuln hizself! Mschewww!

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