You Better Work!

Need more motivation? Girls? Boys? 🙂


Teyana Taylor & Chris Brown

Teyana Taylor & Chris Brown


Alecia Bellamy, Omarion, Teyana T. & Chris B.

Alycia Bellamy, Omarion, Teyana T. & Chris B.



*shakes head at mighty meaty pizza in hand while reaching for pilates tape*


5 Responses to “You Better Work!”

  1. craziness5 Says:

    looool “mighty meaty pizza”… not too sure whats going on here but they all look good!!

  2. KeiiArz Says:

    U bii ode!
    Hau long u go de chop n wok aut. 3 (mai treid mark bum) 🙂 BTW Ai dnt get. Did thei ol jst kom tergeva n sei lets sheukeis our abz! Dumb manz! O! N jst luk hau derz no difrens btw Tiiz n d otha duudz abz! Wooo ther misii! Ai knw u trainer bii buff n ting bt…

  3. atsworld Says:

    so many questions. so little time…

  4. U bii maga! Lol. O n Bahahaha!! U knw Omarion wept wen hi hadter kut hiz pigteilz of. Hi onli did it koz eiwon els woz. Awww. Poor giiirrrlll. ;(

  5. wat d hell, I discovered Alycia Bellamy now the whole world is taking her away. Same thing they did with Lauren London from the “Frontin” video and K.D Aubert at least I still have my prize possession …….. (I kinda sound like a stalker).
    AT!!!!! your twin Teyana is living you oh, you’re more like the “crappy step sister” now lol

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