I believe this is my most recent picture... even though it's like 3 months old :)

I believe this is my most recent picture... even though it's like 3 months old 🙂


Let me start by saying thank u!! to all of u who have been checking out the blog, giving me feedback & what not. U could have been on any blog in th world but you’re here on mine. That’s good for my ego. Ha ha ha… Seriously tho, really appreciate it.

People have been asking me about the “Dope Kid” section. They want to know what exactly it’s about because I did not explain from the start. My bad 🙂 . It basically showcases people with a dope sense of style. A lot of people dress well but we aren’t looking for just a “good dresser”. He/she has to have a unique sense of style. They have to wear clothes that make them stand out from others in the room. It really is that simple. And of course some outfits will be fresh to you but not to me and/or vice versa so decisions are not based solely off my view or taste… Right now, we are in the process of deciding who to feature in the next post so all those interested should send their names & photos to & we will take a look at them. Who knows? You might just be the next Dope Kid 🙂 .

And shout out to all those feeling the fashion posts. Plenty more to come. You know this.

– AT


4 Responses to “ONE ON ONE”

  1. KeiiArz Says:

    Ahn Ahn! Fain fain beibiiii. Dis won na tok show??? SHi sei na won on won. Tiihiihii

  2. itsmytime4 Says:

    AT na u b dis? seeeeeeeeeennnn… lol

  3. craziness5 Says:


  4. onthephone4 Says:

    lol ssskkkkkeeeeeeennnn

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