AT – Hood Hop

Here is th From Here On Out Mixtape promo. 


13 Responses to “AT – Hood Hop”

  1. onthephone4 Says:

    at!!!! this is dooooppppeeee!!! & the outfits r on point!!!!!

  2. craziness5 Says:

    this is rili good! no lies!!

  3. itsmytime4 Says:


  4. Mad song, I heard about this Dj Babus, I hear his the future! lol

  5. split personality Says:

    This is Sick… keep em coming

  6. Wow Atuora is that you? 😮
    Niceee 🙂

  7. Homeboy Nice… I especially like the beat and that yelling thing going on in the back ground…

  8. Hey this is pretty dope I like the beat and th flow is tight… u gettin real goodatthis shit

  9. This is great!!!!!!!!!!!!madd production!

  10. OK!!!, now am impressed,atuora.., u can now meet me to sign u, rily niec tho

  11. Damn!! d rythm…so fittd! and d definately tite!! pls put up more!!!

  12. yes, aim hiuh fainali. so ai sed aid beta start komentin b4 somwon thinks ai heit her muzik. 😀 dis iz absoluutli dope ai tel uz!!! ai fi kian git iinof ov it!!! BRAP! BRAP!! BRAP!!! TAP SHATTA!!!! d liriks, d deliverii, d gitup!! sista u tuu moshhhh!!! dis wan no bii biinz no bii moi moi. ehen!! a don dei ova du am abi???/ tiihiiihiii. mis u laik u wont biliiv. hope dei popin botlz 4 u az u kikin bak n riilaksin. xxx

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