Empire Files 101

This one’s especially for all my avid AT’s World readers 🙂 . You can check me out on a more personal basis on Empire Files. These are videos featuring me & my people going about our business at home, in school, in the studio, or wherever. The video below is the very first of many, God willing. It’s Empire Files season 1 episode 1. Why that name? Okay, since u asked 🙂 . My team is called A.G.E. (Another Great Empire). A.G.E. originally were my initials, well sort of – first name, nickname (I’m sure my LJC ppl remember this, haha), last name. They could also mean Another Great Emerges… So yeah, enough stalling. Check it.

Alternative link: vimeo

Source: youtube.com/theATChannel


5 Responses to “Empire Files 101”

  1. craziness5 Says:

    wt does “g” stand for?? r u the one rappin in all those background songs?? another great empire. i like!!! cool vid!!! o & nice house lol

  2. Celebritylife.org tracking back – Empire Files 101…

    Celebritylife.org tracking back – Empire Files 101…

  3. onthephone4 Says:

    at!!!!!!!! this is cool. lookin forward to more. by the way, uv had those shorts for 5 years?? looool

  4. itsmytime4 Says:

    lool so much soup cool vid!!! 🙂

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