All I could think about when I woke up today

Were things I wished I did & all I wanted to say

Like saying no once & meaning it

Forgiveness seems too much to ask but I believe in it

I wanted the mirror to show me what everyone would like to be

But never had my reflection been such a hard sight to see

It’s been so long since I hoped I was just dreaming

Since I hoped for a nightmare, at least after all the screaming

It would be back to reality, back to real life

I now know what not getting what I want feels like

I’m so used to leaving & now I’m sitting by the airport

I realize I did it again, I hurt somebody I care for

Acting before thinking is such juvenile behavior

& although we do not always meet the standards we aim for

It does not justify all the times that we slip

All the times that we fall, all the times that we sip

The poison out of the devil’s glass

Tell me, how can I win because I can’t settle for last

Because of what I did, here we stand, here we lie

No lie, writing this made me teary-eyed

So I looked away so mommy wouldn’t see what her darling daughter has become

We know we messed up when we ask ourselves “What have we done?”

All I can do now is learn from my errors

& pray that when I wake my skies will be a bit clearer

I’m sorry baby, I have said it so much because it’s the truth

The last person I want to hurt again is you


3 Responses to “”

  1. itsmytime4 Says:

    deep stuff. did you write it?

  2. did u just write that or does it mean somethin?? spill!!!! …u sound so sad though. hope ur good?

  3. onthephone4 Says:

    AT… is this forreal? what happened? i pray he/she forgives u… i dont like u bein sad 😦 everything will work out

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