So it’s been a minute since I did a One On One post.

Let me start by saying happy new year!! I know it’s only th 1st day but it feels good to be in 2010. Of course I want to say thank you to all of u who stop by th blog. Even when I haven’t posted for weeks on end, u continue to visit & comment so again, thank u. I really appreciate it especially b/c I started this out of boredom some five months ago.

Looking back on 2009, there’s not much else I can do but thank God for everything. Like every year, I had my ups and my downs. I’m grateful for both because, even though it sounds played out, th bad times made me who I am today. What doesn’t kill u makes u stronger innit? 🙂 I like to live with the mindset of “No regrets. Just lessons learned.” I want to apologize to those i hurt as well in the past 365 days. Forgive me.

Th plan is def to move forward this year – Never make th same mistakes, moving with a change of pace.

On New Years Eve I was at Knighthouse studio with th homie DJ Babus. I met  th great minds behind Knighthouse, 3 of th 4 members of 4th Republic, Mo’Cheddah, Chuddy K (who serenaded me 🙂 ), Naira, Skuki. I saw Teeto, Kel, WhizKid & lots more. Maximum, N6 (both from 4th Rep.) & I dropped several bars each & I impressed them so much they told me I had to come back to th studio th next day & do something with them. It was New Years tho so I couldn’t make it but th plan is to go back tomorrow & lay it down for N6’s album. I trust this is just the beginning. Don Baba thank u 🙂

I hope everybody is having as much fun as I am. I’ll be audi in about 2 weeks so I have to do as much as I can.

Oh and I even joined twitter yesterday

My youtube page is still

Again thanks for th support.

2010. Let’s go!


2 Responses to “ONE ON ONE”

  1. someone’s doing big things o. btw, is mo’chedda as hot as her voice or are my fantasies ruined?

  2. Happy new year to u too, heard u were around but havnt heard from ur sister since so cudnt get ur number. Does Month Chedda rili sing good in person?

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