One On One: Fun Weekend

Hey guys

So I was away for the weekend. I left Baltimore on Friday and got to Lagos on Saturday for a fundraiser for my friend Kechi Okwuchi. If you’re not familiar with her, she was one of the two survivors of the Sosoliso plane crash in 2005 in Port Harcourt. You can learn more here

I landed in Gidi around 4.30PM and the event was supposed to start at 6PM. Still had to go to my hotel, shower, and get dressed + it took forever for my luggage to come, so I got to the fundraiser a little late. Even though I didn’t get to perform it was great seeing everyone and feeling all the love and support shown to Kech.
I got back yesterday. Everything was going well till I got to ATL and lost one of my bags. I was/am so mad at my carelessness. The worst part is my camera was in there!!! On the bright side they said they found a “black bag” so I’m going to call them in a bit to find out if it’s mine.

Just wanted to check in with all my readers 🙂 Talking to you from my hotel room. I moved out of my apt before I travelled so I’m going to be here till I get a new place… soon, hopefully *crosses fingers*

But guess what?? I just found out there’s no room service. It’s 4.05PM and I’m starving. Guess I gotta go find some food now… 😀


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