One On One: Promo Single

If you’re new here, the One On One segment is what I use to talk to my readers personally. Quite frankly I’m not sure who exactly visits this blog but I can tell from the stats that people do. I also get messages from people I don’t know sometimes about what I post. I just want to say I appreciate it. This all started as a way for me to pass time when I was in the UK for a bit in 2009 but I guess people still find it interesting, and I won’t front I don’t mind posting either 😀

Anyways, today I just want to keep it brief and announce to those who don’t already know that my 1st single is dropping tomorrow. It’s the promo single for The Climb and the video will follow a week after. It’s AT featuring Olufemi Parker and produced by DJ Babus. I have this whole thing planned out in my head. The plan is to basically drop something new every week, be it new music, new Empire Files or new Free Files. I know that keeps people entertained because there are some artistes’ videos I always look forward to on youtube, and other platforms. And to all those who doubted, The Climb is almost here :p

I’ll upload We Don’t Stop sometime tomorrow so if you don’t follow me on twitter or you aren’t my friend on facebook you can still check it out.

You can connect with me more on twitter – @thisisAT & with Babus – @DjBabus

<Another Great Empire>


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