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“The Climb” Drops Next Month

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We Don’t Stop Video On Worldstar

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I finally decided to send my video to last night. I sent it, went for a run in the cold (which was refreshing, by the way), came back, made some Milo 😀 and then I got a tweet from a friend that I was on worldstar. I thought they would put it up on Wednesday or something but hey, no complaints here. Click on the link below to check it out.

The funniest comments would have to be the one about me having a voice like Rick Ross’ & me being a tranny.

AT – Empire Files 10 [My 1st Solo Performance]

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The Good Life…

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Rigatoni pasta with roasted chipotle tomato sauce & grilled chicken

If you know me you know how much I like pasta 😀

Fish & shrimp in tomato basil stew

Pepper soup

I could really use a bowl right now.


Puffy warriors!! (inside joke) 🙂

Pot roast

Source: Alhaji’s Groove

We Don’t Stop

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Check out these pictures from my debut solo performance yesterday:

I Will Be Rocking These For My Debut Solo Performance Tomorrow

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That’s me at the Seun Akinsanya Project.