New Music: AT feat. Fefe T’Missy – Pieces [Prod. by Dj Babus]

This is a link to my official 1st single:

Check it out guys.



6 Responses to “New Music: AT feat. Fefe T’Missy – Pieces [Prod. by Dj Babus]”

  1. This girl, keep it up!

  2. Mehn, I have to say this no offense to your hustle but I have been listening to your songs and you need to come up with quality stuff. Clearly your partnership with dj Babus is not working out for you, get some good beats and a good producer cus this will not cut it in the music industry. You have good lyrics and good delivery but these beats sound like they were made with poor quality. If you want to make it re-evaluate yourself and your music or you may never take off

  3. I have to agree with You Know. You have something to say but there is a spark missing in the delivery. New producer, new image what ever you have to do, do it because this is your dream not yours and your producer’s. For your first single there is no sense of arrival or what your message is. This is not to break you down but to help build you up (hopefully).
    A mentor may be handy too, someone to set you on the right path, someone you trust to tell you like it is, someone to help you with your goals. It just would not be fair to tell you kudos here and talk smack about you elsewhere. Good luck in your endeavors and hope to see bigger and better things from you. I believe in you. 😀

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