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Getting Ready For My AIT Interview

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I haven’t posted anything in a while so I decided to share some pictures.


One On One

Posted in One On One on January 13, 2012 by atsworld

What’s going on, guys? I haven’t posted anything in a while because I’ve been so busy. I’m in ABJ (Abuja) now and I’m ready to focus on my music full-time. My video for “The life I live” will be dropping on Jan 17th, and my official 1st single “Pieces” prod. by Dj Babus & feat. Fefe T’Missy will be released on the 24th (my birthday) 🙂 I’m excited for you all to check out my new projects. And also, I know “The Climb” has been pushed back several times but it’s still on the way 😀

As always, A.G.E. Over aLL

One On One: Promo Single

Posted in One On One on August 21, 2011 by atsworld

If you’re new here, the One On One segment is what I use to talk to my readers personally. Quite frankly I’m not sure who exactly visits this blog but I can tell from the stats that people do. I also get messages from people I don’t know sometimes about what I post. I just want to say I appreciate it. This all started as a way for me to pass time when I was in the UK for a bit in 2009 but I guess people still find it interesting, and I won’t front I don’t mind posting either 😀

Anyways, today I just want to keep it brief and announce to those who don’t already know that my 1st single is dropping tomorrow. It’s the promo single for The Climb and the video will follow a week after. It’s AT featuring Olufemi Parker and produced by DJ Babus. I have this whole thing planned out in my head. The plan is to basically drop something new every week, be it new music, new Empire Files or new Free Files. I know that keeps people entertained because there are some artistes’ videos I always look forward to on youtube, and other platforms. And to all those who doubted, The Climb is almost here :p

I’ll upload We Don’t Stop sometime tomorrow so if you don’t follow me on twitter or you aren’t my friend on facebook you can still check it out.

You can connect with me more on twitter – @thisisAT & with Babus – @DjBabus

<Another Great Empire>

One On One: Fun Weekend

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Hey guys

So I was away for the weekend. I left Baltimore on Friday and got to Lagos on Saturday for a fundraiser for my friend Kechi Okwuchi. If you’re not familiar with her, she was one of the two survivors of the Sosoliso plane crash in 2005 in Port Harcourt. You can learn more here

I landed in Gidi around 4.30PM and the event was supposed to start at 6PM. Still had to go to my hotel, shower, and get dressed + it took forever for my luggage to come, so I got to the fundraiser a little late. Even though I didn’t get to perform it was great seeing everyone and feeling all the love and support shown to Kech.
I got back yesterday. Everything was going well till I got to ATL and lost one of my bags. I was/am so mad at my carelessness. The worst part is my camera was in there!!! On the bright side they said they found a “black bag” so I’m going to call them in a bit to find out if it’s mine.

Just wanted to check in with all my readers 🙂 Talking to you from my hotel room. I moved out of my apt before I travelled so I’m going to be here till I get a new place… soon, hopefully *crosses fingers*

But guess what?? I just found out there’s no room service. It’s 4.05PM and I’m starving. Guess I gotta go find some food now… 😀

One On One: Progress

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I know this might not be a big deal to some people but it’s pretty exciting to me because I have been trying to get to feature me on their website for a minute now. Last night when I was about to leave the studio, this happened…

For those who don’t know, Ovie is one of the founders of notjustok.

We went from trying to get in contact with them to one of the owners personally giving us props. That’s progress… Still waiting for my feature on the site tho 😀

One On One: Leap Of Faith

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The story of how this song came about is pretty interesting. I had just linked up with Konnect and we were having a conversation on skype. We were vibing to some of his beats and “On The Way”, which would later become “Leap of Faith” , really stood out to me. Long story short, he gave me the beat. I wrote I think 3 different raps but none of them seemed right. Then I wrote the verse for Leap of Faith. It didn’t all come to me at once though. Sometimes I would get back home and 2 bars would pop into my head then I would rap them to the beat to see if they go. When I was ready I hit Babus up and we went into the studio.

I’m glad everything came out well. I hope more people get to hear it.

We also finished shooting the video this morning. Shout out to Joey.

A.G.E. or kill yourself. 😀

Photos from the set of “Leap of Faith” video shoot.

One On One: Studio

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Some behind the scene photos of last night’s studio session:

The Climb is on the way!!

By the way, I know you see the jersey 😉 haha